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The number one topic leading up to the fantasy season is who will be the sleeper picks for your draft. Let's break down some options based on position. The first position we'll cover is running back. The running back position is one of the most coveted in fantasy sports as the number of quality backs is small compared to other positions.

Michael Turner Atlanta Falcons: This year look to the Atlanta Falcons and newly acquainted Michael Turner to give you some solid fantasy numbers. Turner has been a back-up to LaDainian Tomlinson for the past three seasons and has not been given the chance to shine. This year will be different. On a team with a young QB, Turner should see lots of opportunities to score. The other nice thing about Turner is that he should be available deeper in the drafts than other RBs.

Leon Washington New York Jets: Washington is mainly a backup to Thomas Jones. However, last year he spent more time on the DL than on the field making Washington a solid fantasy option at times. He will not get you the numbers that most starters will bring in, but in most leagues he goes undrafted or drafted very late in the draft. Washington is young and due for a breakout season. If Jones remains as shaky as glass, Washington should see some quality plays. Look for a rise in his yards and TDs this year.

Selvin Young Denver Broncos: Henry is out of Denver and that leaves Young the opportunity to put up some great numbers. Without they decide to pick up another back Young should see all the action this year and would be a solid contributor to a fantasy squad as a second back option. Do not bet the farm on him, but he could have a great pick around the tenth round of most drafts.

These guys will not give you the numbers of a top ten back, but watch for them to have breakout seasons.

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